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NAHT comment on the announcement of changes to the Ofsted inspection system for ‘good’ schools

Russell Hobby, general secretary of NAHT (National Association of Head Teachers), said: “It is good to see Ofsted trying to make improvements to the inspection framework and to see them listening to the broad spectrum of criticism. However, before passing judgment, school leaders will need answers to some questions:

 “If Her Majesty's Inspectorate (HMI)is to become increasingly busy in the inspection of good schools every two years, what impact will that have on the availability of these HMIs to focus on more vulnerable schools, who need confident and skilled inspectors?

 “What steps will Ofsted be taking to address the quality of its inspectors? Will HMCI commit to a complete overhaul of Ofsted’s quality assurance and complaints process?

“In light of recent and growing criticism of the reliability of lesson observations, what role will observation have in future inspections? If it retains a role, how will Ofsted improve its quality?

“If it is able to address these major areas of concern, Ofsted may be able to rebuild the faith and support of the profession for inspection. Inspection may become a force for the growth and development of schools rather than an overbearing fear.”




Page Published: 21/03/2014

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