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Alternative performance tables

As members will know, in August we were proud to launch an initiative in association with PiXL, ASCL and United Learning that would allow schools to upload their real GCSE data.

The initiative was set up following requests from our members so it is particularly pleasing that we have been able to get this up and running. It is an important, profession-led initiative that demonstrates our accountability as schools and our transparency in the information we share with parents, independent of the DfE or Ofsted.

By uploading your results, your school will be represented in the tables. I know that many of you are still awaiting re-marks: don’t worry, these can be added when they come through. The system has been set up to make it as easy as possible for all secondary schools to use.

Over time we will be working to improve the types of information available for parents on the site but, for now, we just want to get the site established as the honest and open place for schools to share their results.

NAHT would urge all members to upload their data as soon as possible as the tables will be going public for parents to view very soon. Doing so only takes five minutes and is very straightforward. Just go to www.schoolperformancetables.org.uk.

Page Published: 16/10/2014