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Parliamentary candidates pledge support for our #5priorities campaign


During the election campaign, NAHT is contacting all parliamentary candidates asking them to sign up to the top five priorities we think the next government should focus on. Dozens have done so already, including Angela Rayner, Labour PPC for Ashton-under-Lyne; Paul Field, Green Party PPC for Newbury; Rebecca Hanson, Lib Dem PPC for Copeland; Vernon Coaker, Labour PPC for Gedling; and Kalvin Chapman, UKIP PPC for Manchester Central, to name a few.  

By pledging support, these candidates are acknowledging the need to focus on school funding, assessment reform, teacher recruitment and more.

2017 General Election - pledges to our priorities

How NAHT members can help publicise NAHT’s #5priorities

Writing to candidates  

We are also asking our members across the country to contact their local candidates to call on them to sign up to these pledges. All too often politicians focus on their own pet projects, at the expense of the basics such as providing adequate funding and ensuring all schools have the good quality staff they need. We will continue to ask candidates for their support, including through our team of regional organisers. We would like members to consider doing their bit and contacting the candidates directly. A local voice is often more powerful and more   likely to be heard. 

To help we have provided a list of all candidates' contact details and drafted a model letter to get you started. You may also wish to reference our 5 priorities poster. And to make sure these priorities remain firmly in the public eye, we are asking all members to share the good news by posting a photo or video on Twitter @NAHTnews using the hashtag #5priorities.

Find out if the candidates in your constituency have signed here

Please note: members will need to be logged in to access candidates' contact details. 

Writing to parents

In addition, our letter template outlines the impact the funding crisis is having on schools and encourages parents to contact candidates and ensure children are taught in schools that are adequately funded.


2017 General Election: #5priorities for education

NAHT and our members are clear about the priorities the next government should have for education. Our view is that too often the focus in education fails to be on where it is most needed. The focus should be on these five priorities:

  • To fund education fully and fairly, reversing the £3bn real terms cuts that schools are facing and providing enough money to make the new national funding formula a success.
  • To put forward a national strategy for teacher recruitment and retention that recognises teachers as high-status professionals and guarantees enough teachers for every school.
  • To adopt fair methods to hold schools to account, recognising that test and exam results are only part of the picture when judging a pupil’s success or a school’s effectiveness.
  • To value a broad range of subjects in the school day so that pupils’ opportunities are not limited and they are properly prepared for adult life.
  • To make sure that schools are supported by health and social care services to allow schools to fulfil their role to promote pupil wellbeing rather than making up for cuts to other services.

“These five commitments are the keys to the future prosperity of the UK,” says NAHT general secretary Russell Hobby. “Most importantly, we must see a reversal in the £3bn real terms cuts that schools are facing right now and enough money in the future to make the new national funding formula a success.”

Please use the resources below and ask your parliamentary candidate to support our priorities in the upcoming election.

Please note: members will need to be logged in to access candidates' contact details. 

Page Published: 17/05/2017

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