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Ofsted reform campaign

At the 2012 annual conference, National Executive was charged with establishing an e-petition calling for the reform of Ofsted. The e-petition is on the official government site (link below), asking for signatures.

It is particularly important that as many members sign it as possible.  Although the petition has been accepted onto the site, we will need to obtain 100,000 signatures before it can go any further.  If/when we reach that number of signatures, the petition is then considered by a committee of backbench MPs who decide whether the issue will be debated on the floor of the House.

We also ask you to encourage your colleagues and the wider school communities to sign the petition. We will be endeavouring to get support from other relevant stakeholders as well.

Download our campaign poster and display it in your staff room.

The petition can be accessed on the epetitions web site.

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