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Stronger governance and stronger relationships

This course is suitable for

Academies and local authority maintained schools - primary, secondary and special

Please note

Head teachers are encouraged to attend this one-day course with the chair of the governing body

Tailored training

Stronger governance and stronger relationships in a changing world

Course description

Devised in partnership between the NAHT and National Governors' Association (NGA), this course considers what school leaders and governing bodies can expect from each other, in particular the relationship between the head teacher and the chair of governors.  The elements of effective governance will be explored, including the information required by governing bodies to carry out their responsibilities to maintain the conduct of the school and ensure its performance.  Practical ways of strengthening governance will also be covered; such as introducing a code of practice, using skills audits, distinguishing between the strategic and the operational, team building, using the Stronger Governance Systems material, putting school development plan priorities at the centre if governing body business and ensuring succession planning on the governing body. 

Course facilitator

National Governors' Association 


Start: 0900 for 0930
Finish: 1530

Aims of this course

  • understanding the role of the governing bodies and how to improve their effectiveness
  • exploring and clarify the roles and responsibilities, including establishing a positive relationship between the head teacher and the chair of governors
  • gaining an introduction to the Stronger Governance Systems material
  • receiving an NGA 'Welcome to Governance' introduction guide and a copy of the 'Chair's Handbook'
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Tailored training

This course is only available on a consultancy basis where we come to you.  For more details please us this link.

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