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This course is suitable for

New reviewers and those looking to improve their skills from nursery to secondary school

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Course fees

Member - £225

Non-Member - £300

Appraisal training for new appraisers

Course description

If you have to appraise colleagues for the first time, or for those for whom the appraisal role is relatively new, this course will prepare you for this demanding role and is an opportunity to reflect on and develop their practice. It will reflect the 2012 appraisal regulations and considers the appraisal process and its links to the school development planning, CPD and capability procedures. Combining input, discussion and practical activities, the course will be structured to meet your individual needs on the day. 

Course facilitator

Dr Christine Greenland


Start: 0900 for 0930

Finish: 1530

Aims of this course

  • understand the statutory requirements of appraisal in schools
  • consider appraisal and its links to Pay, School Development planning, CPD and capability procedures
  • consider the Teachers' Standards and Ofsted judgements on the quality of teaching and learning
  • reflect on the links to pay progression and the different expectations of MPR and UPR teachers
  • review and explore the key elements in the appraisal cycle
  • explore management issues related to the implementation of the processes, including the appraiser's role in improving poor performance
  • consider the specific skills required by appraisers
  • develop a personal action plan

Objectives of this course

  • have clarified the Appraiser's role and responsibility which will enable them to be confident and competent in their role
  • recognise the link between appraisal and school improvement
  • understand the statutory requirements and school processes for consistent implementation within the school
  • understand how to link Appraisal to Pay in a robust and transparent way
  • consider how to develop a supportive and developmental approach to the process which will encourage appraisees to take personal responsibility for preparation and dialogue
  • understand the need for robustness of systems and processes to reduce potential conflict
  • consider how to design individual objectives which reflect the career stage of the teacher
  • consider how best to manage the process in order that monitoring is effective
  • reflect on your level of skills and identify strengths and areas for improvement to ensure that you can influence staff to improve further performance and impact positively on pupil outcomes