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Leading critical thinking in the Early Years

This course is suitable for

School leaders and Head Teachers working in, or having responsibility for the Early Years Foundation Stage, Phase Leaders and Advisory Teachers

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Birmingham - 28 June 2017

Course fees

Member - £225

Non-Member - £300


Leading critical thinking in the Early Years: challenging children's ideas and understanding

Course description

This new course explores one of the most challenging characteristics of early learning within the EYFS.  Frequently, schools plan well for 'Playing and Exploring' and 'Active Learning' but fail to sufficiently challenge their youngest children to stretch their minds to think creatively and critically in a range of ways.

School leaders need to be confident that they can recognise how young children demonstrate 'Creative and Critical Thinking' in action.  They need to know how to recognise deep level thinking in both adult-led contexts and to value the contribution of both to children's learning and development.  This is particularly challenging for those who have never taught this age group and the course will be of particular relevance to those without such a background.

Through the judicious use of DVD material, the course materials will offer school leaders a variety of ways to consider the impact of resources, the environment and adult interactions on the quality of young children's thinking, reasoning and understanding.

Course facilitator

Julie Fisher, EEA


Start: 0900 for 0930

Finish: 1530

Aims of this course

  • Clarification of the differences between creative and critical thinking
  • Exemplifying what provokes young children to think creatively
  • Provision of different ways of monitoring the impact of resources, the environment and interactions on the quality of children's thinking

Objectives of this course

  • Become more confident about identifying creative and critical thinking in young children
  • Able to make accurate judgements about how thinking differs in adult-led and child-led contexts
  • Be given criteria for evaluating how resources, the environment and adult interactions impact on children's opportunities to think deeply