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This course is suitable for

All phases, governors, head teachers, deputy head teachers, assistant head teachers and school business managers

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London - 11 January 2018

Manchester - 17 May 2018

Birmingham - 20 November 2018

Course fees

Member - £225

Non-Member - £300

Exploring academy status

Course description

Whilst the Government has stepped back from the recent White Paper proposal to make all school academies, it is clear that many schools will face renewed pressure to convert over the next three years.

Whilst there is no imminent rush, the old adage "fail to prepare and prepare to fail" springs to mind. With the overarching goal remaining the same, it makes sense to explore this subject now, whatever decision your school governors take.

The smoothest transitions to academy status are best achieved through a full understanding of what a maintained school will be moving towards, what they can influence and control, and what they might look for in any prospective partners they may wish to work with in the future.

This programme, has consistently received excellent feedback for its unbiased delivery of critical facts and information. It will help you to understand your new constitution, anticipate changes that may need greater consideration and work towards preparing a framework for evaluating how you would want to move forward and which other schools you might wish to work with, should you decide/need to convert.

Course facilitator

Larraine Cooper


Start: 0900 for 0930

Finish: 1600

Aims of this course

  • to provide delegates with an impartial and factual insight into the way academies are constituted and how that is likely to affect school leadership and governance
  • to empower delegates to undertake further research on return to school from an informed and impartial standpoint

Objectives of this course

  • have a balanced and impartial awareness of the key features of academy status
  • understand how academy status differs from arrangements for schools operating within a local authority framework
  • understand key phases in the conversion process
  • use a business focused process to assess the readiness of the leadership and governance team to face the challenges of academy status
  • use a framework to evaluate the suitability of other prospective school "partners" who may wish to academise together
  • be able to access further information and support
  • return to school able to formulate their response to the government's aim for all schools to convert in the next six years

What people have said about this course

  • Thought provoking, detailed to the point.

  • Achieved aims, course was exactly (what I) needed to consider academy status.

  • Excellent has helped me to inform governors and decide on a way forward.

  • Larraine was extremely up to date.

  • This course was exactly how it was described.  It gave unbiased facts about converting to academy status.  Larraine was extremely professional, approachable and knowledgeable.

  • The course was excellent in giving a full overview of academy status and the responsibilities that come with it.  It gave a very realistic picture of the changes, should we decide to move to become an academy

  • Facilitator was outstanding.  Facilitator made this one of the best days training I have experienced.  Her ability to understand very quickly each delegates own needs and motives was brilliant.  I cannot recommend or complement highly enough.  I was very impressed.