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Entitlement to Professional and Legal Support

Membership eligibility - extract from Constitution and Rules

For membership eligibility enquiries –
Phone: 01444 472 414, or 
Email:   joinus@naht.org.uk


Rule 3 – Membership of the NAHT: Eligibility

3.    The NAHT will welcome equally into Full Membership of the NAHT all education leaders from both academic and managerial grades within educational professions.

3.1   Members of the education leadership occupations that the NAHT welcomes into Full Membership are set out in Appendix A to these Rules, and reviewed from time to time by the National Executive. In addition, Appendix A also enumerates the broad descriptive titles of the types of local authority and independent educational establishments where the NAHT’s members are employed.

3.2     Full Membership of the NAHT is also open to members who work permanently or temporarily outside the countries or geographical regions outlined in Rule 2(g) at the discretion of the National Executive. The National Executive shall have the power to alter the subscriptions paid and the services and benefits received by such members.

3.3    Applications for membership shall only be made on the prescribed form, either manually or electronically, to the head office or any regional office of the NAHT. Applications for membership received in regional offices shall be forwarded to head office. The National Executive shall decide whether or not to accept applications under these Rules in line with procedures determined by the National Executive.

3.4     Full Membership of the NAHT shall also be open to members of organisations which are party to an agreement with the NAHT endorsed by the NAHT’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) and published as Appendix B to these Rules.

3.5    There shall be a section of the membership called Professional Associate Membership. This section shall be open to members:

a)    Who cease to be eligible for Full Membership by reason of termination of employment but are not eligible for Life Membership.

b)    Whose occupation is closely related to leadership roles in education.

c)    Full Members who exercise the option of taking up Professional Associate Membership shall notify the head office of NAHT no later than six months from the termination of their employment.

3.6    A Full Member who has ceased to be eligible for Full Membership by reason of the termination of employment and thereupon becomes entitled to retirement benefits shall be eligible for Life Membership. A Professional Associate Member eligible by virtue of Rule 3.5(a) above, is eligible for Life Membership upon becoming entitled to retirement benefits.  Full and Professional Associate Members who exercise the option of taking up Life Membership shall notify in writing the head office of NAHT no later than six months from the termination of their employment.

3.7    The level of annual subscriptions for Full, Professional Associate and Life Members shall be reviewed every year by the National Executive, and shall entitle Full, Professional Associate and Life Members to the services and benefits laid down by the National Executive in Rule 4 and Appendix C to these Rules.

Rule 4 – Membership of the NAHT: Rights of members

4.    The National Executive shall determine the rights of members and the range and extent of the NAHT’s services and benefits to Full Members, Life Members and Professional Associate Members, subject only to the decisions of the AGM.

4.1     Full Members shall be entitled to the following:

a)      The right to attend, speak, vote and hold office at Branch meetings.

b)      The right to stand for office, nominate others and vote in Branch, Regional, National Executive, National Officer and General Secretary elections.

c)      The right to vote in any other appropriate ballot organised by the National Executive of the NAHT.

4.2     Full Members shall be entitled to legal advice, and where appropriate, representation at any court, tribunal or other quasi-judicial or administrative body, subject to the following qualifications:

a)    Full Members will not be eligible for assistance in connection with any issue that arose before they joined the NAHT.

b)    All legal assistance from the NAHT shall be at the discretion of the National Executive, who will have regard to the advice of their own solicitors and counsel before deciding on each application arising.

4.3    The National Executive of the NAHT will determine other rights and benefits for the Full Members of the NAHT which will include, but will not necessarily be limited to:

a)     Advice, help and, where appropriate, representation concerning any enquiries concerning pay, terms and conditions of service, pensions (Teachers' Pension Scheme and Local Government Pension Scheme only), educational policy issues or any other professional matter.

b)    Copies of appropriate NAHT journals, professional bulletins, advice documents and full access to electronic communication outlets used by the NAHT from time to time.

c)   The right to attend professional meetings and conferences organised by the NAHT under terms to be decided by the National Executive.


Rule 5– Membership of the NAHT: Obligations of membership

5.    Full and Professional Associate Members of the NAHT shall pay an annual subscription that is determined from time to time by the AGM.

5.1    Subscriptions for Full and Professional Associate Members shall become due on 1 January each year, and shall be payable in entirety or via periodic payments by Direct Debit, as agreed by the National Executive.  It is the responsibility of the member to notify NAHT of any changes of circumstance.

5.3    Full and Professional Associate Members who are more than three calendar months in arrears with their subscriptions shall be deemed to have resigned their membership and shall not be entitled to any of the services or benefits of the NAHT.


Follow this link to view the full Constitution and Rules and appendices .