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Workload Review Groups: recommendations and next steps for school leaders

The "Workload Challenge" launched by the then Secretary of State in 2014, received responses from over 10,000 teachers who identified three areas as major causes of unnecessary teacher workload: marking, lesson planning, and data management.

In July 2015, three review groups were set up, commissioned by the DfE, to consider how to alleviate workload pressures on teachers and school leaders in relation to these areas, and each group produced a report. The reports consider what is wrong with the current situation and offer recommendations to reduce workload which are aimed at different groups throughout the education system.

School leaders need to consider the recommendations in the reports and work with their staff and governors to review current policies and practices in light of these.

Removing unnecessary workload allows teachers and school leaders to spend their time more effectively in supporting learning outcomes for their students, as well as helping them to achieve a proper work-life balance. Working more hours does not equate to working more effectively and the development of a better culture in schools needs to be encouraged.

This guidance summarises the recommendations of each of the workload challenge groups for school leaders, provides some questions to support reflection on current practice and offers practical strategies which school leaders might employ to implement changes.

Page Published: 23/08/2016