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Retention of paperwork - September 2016

It is imperative to keep all paperwork associated with your employment, including pay slips, any notifications from the employer, contracts, emails, etc.

This is particularly important since there is a much greater likelihood of errors in pay and pensions in the future due to:

  • an increase in the number of employers, eg academies, free schools;
  • employers are not retaining records for as long as they did in the past;
  • many schools having their own pay systems (this is likely to increase with the removal of mandatory pay points from the school teachers’ pay and conditions document);
  • the changes to pensions, particularly with the introduction of the career average scheme post April 2015; and
  • third party outsourcing of personnel and payroll.
Without proof of earnings, it could be difficult in the future to prove than an error has been made.

Keep your paperwork safe and at home.

Page Updated : 30/09/2016
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