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Setting appraisal objectives in the context of the Teachers' Standards

It usually goes without saying that all objectives should be SMART (see FAQs in guidance below), but it is not always clear what is meant by “relevant”.

The position has been further clouded by the DfE statements that, from September 2012, the application of the Teachers’ Standards will depend on “what should reasonably be expected of a teacher in the relevant role and at the relevant stage of their career” and “be applied as appropriate to the role and context within which the teacher is practising”.

In addition the Appraisal Regulations, 2012, require performance to be appraised in the context of the Teachers’ Standards (replacing the QTS and core standards) AND any other relevant standards published by the Secretary of State. For September 2012, it seems that this will mean: the post-threshold [P] standards; the advanced skills teacher [A] standards and the excellent teacher [E] standards. There are no equivalent standards specifically for those paid on the leadership scale.

There has been some confusion created by a number of individuals, LAs and private companies, who have sought to ascribe certain levels of teaching performance to particular pay points. e.g. a teacher paid on UPS3 will be required to teach lessons that are at least “good” with 50% “outstanding”. Such a requirements have no basis in statute, or in the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document (“the Document”).

This guidance document seeks to clarify the position and issues surrounding appraisals in the context of teachers' standards.


Page Published: 21/11/2012