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Checklist: post NUT industrial action

Whether your school was open, partially open, or closed during the NUT day of industrial action on 5 July, there are several actions school leaders need to consider after strike action by your colleagues.


1 Recording staff attendance: have all staff been accounted for?

  • staff who attended work should be paid in the normal way
  • staff who are known to have taken strike action must be reported to the payroll provider so that pay adjustments can be made
  • staff who were absent on pre-approved arrangements (e.g. school trips) should be paid normal
  • staff who were absent but the reason for their absence is unknown should be subject to a further check to ensure their absence is accurate and can be recorded appropriately

Recording pupil attendance: if your school was open or partially open, did all pupils attend?

  • pupils who attended school should be recorded in the normal way
  • pupils who were absent on pre-approved arrangements (e.g. because the school was closed or due to illness) should be recorded normally
  • pupils who were otherwise absent while the school was open should be recorded as such and your school’s guidelines on unapproved absences should be applied

Any correspondence that relates to the strike action needs to be dealt with as quickly as possible

Parents: respond to any questions or issues they raise promptly

Review your initial risk assessment. Have any issues occurred as a consequence of the strike action?

Have all your school’s security, health & safety and catering arrangements been restored to your satisfaction?

If you have a particular query relating to the management of industrial action in your school please ring 0300 30 30 333 and select option 1 for the specialist advice team or e-mail specialistadvice@naht.org.uk
Page Published: 01/07/2016