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Pay appeals - STPCD 2016

This advice sets out some practical guidance for dealing with pay appeals from staff. It focuses on the roles of the head teacher, the pay committee and the pay appeals committee.

What needs to be in place?

The school teachers’ pay and conditions document ('the document’) requires schools and local authorities to have a pay policy in place that sets out the basis on which teachers’ pay is determined and the procedures for handling appeals. 

The governing body, in consultation with the head teacher, should agree the pay policy for the year and appoint a pay committee, whose role it will be to make the school’s pay decisions, and an appeals committee, whose role it will be to hear pay appeals.

It is very important that the governing body is conversant with and truly owns the policy and the overall approach adopted by the school. It is the responsibility of the pay committee to make pay awards (not the head teacher), and as such, the pay and the appeals committee members need to be properly trained.

Page Updated: 26/09/2016