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Induction for newly qualified teachers (England) - January 2015

All qualified teachers who are employed in a maintained school; a non-maintained special school; a maintained nursery school; a nursery school that forms part of a maintained school; a local authority maintained children’s centre; and a pupil referral unit (PRU) in England must, by law, have completed an induction period satisfactorily, subject to specified exemptions (see page 37 of the statutory guidance).

The head teacher’s role is to make a written recommendation to the appropriate body (ie local authorities, teaching schools and other organisations determined by the secretary of state who can act in this role)  within 10 working days of the person having completed their induction on whether:

  • having completed their induction period, the NQT has achieved the relevant standards*; or
  • should have the induction period extended.
The appropriate body’s role is to make the final decision as to whether the NQT:

  • has achieved the relevant standards and therefore satisfactorily completed the induction period; or
  • should have the induction period extended by such period as it determines; or
  • has failed satisfactorily to complete the induction period. 
The Department for Education’s statutory guidance can be found here.

Schools should be aware that they must have regard to statutory guidance and would normally follow it in all circumstances.

The statutory guidance should answer most queries in relation to the NQT induction process. However, should you need further advice please contact the specialist advice team on 0300 3030 333 and press option 1.

*The teachers’ standards will be used to assess an NQT’s performance at the end of their induction period. The decision about whether an NQT’s performance against the relevant standards is satisfactory upon completion of induction should take into account the NQT’s work context and must be made on the basis of what can be reasonably expected of an NQT by the end of their induction period within the framework set out by the standards. Judgements should reflect the expectation that NQTs have effectively consolidated their initial teacher training (ITT) and demonstrated their ability to meet the relevant standards consistently over a sustained period in their practice.

Page Published: 16/01/2015