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Are you ready for the changes to performance-related pay?


The final version of the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document 2013 has just been published and is available at:


It brings in major changes to teachers’ pay, particularly in relation to performance-related pay progression. This checklist may assist you in establishing that you have the necessary policies and procedures in place so that you can make pay decisions in September 2014 that are justified and underpinned by a secure evidence base.

  • Have you amended your pay and appraisal policies so they comply with the STPCD 2013?

  • Have you made sure that your pay policy at least differentiates between low, good and high performers (Ofsted requirements)?

  • Any qualified teacher can apply to move to the Upper Pay Range with effect from 1 September 2013. Have you set out in your pay policy a process for teachers to gain access to the Upper Pay Range?

  • Have you decided what will happen to Advanced Skills Teachers or Excellent Teachers employed at your school whose posts cease to exist on 31 August 2013?*

  • Has your governing body ratified the amended policies?

  • Have you consulted staff and school union representatives on your new pay and appraisal policies?

  • Do your governors understand the new arrangements and what will be required of them?

  • Do your teachers understand what is required of them to gain pay progression?

Communication with teachers is key to implementing successful performance-related pay progression, effective from 1 September 2014. You should set objectives as soon as possible, preferably no later than 31 October 2013. You should continue to talk to teachers throughout the academic year 2013/14 so they understand what is required of them, as defined by your pay and appraisal policies. Under-performance should be highlighted to teachers and followed up in writing. Mentoring, support and training should be given to assist under-performing teachers to achieve good performance.

The NAHT has produced updated model pay policies and associated guidance. In addition, we have updated many of our advice documents and written new guidance to assist you. These are available fromtheadvice and support section of our website at www.naht.org.uk

* AST/ET posts cease to exist on 31 August 2013. If you have such designated teachers within your school and you have not made alternative provision for them, you should contact your personnel/legal services provider as a matter of urgency.


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Page Published: 29/08/2013