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Department of Health guidance on Salbutamol inhalers in schools

The regulations concerning asthma inhalers in schools change with effect from 1 October 2014. The current position is that schools are not permitted to provide 'spare' inhalers to pupils. The new regulations will allow schools to keep a salbutamol inhaler for use in emergencies (www.gov.uk/government/publications/emergency-asthma-inhalers-for-use-in-schools).

You are strongly advised to be familiar with this guidance. It stresses that the facility is only for those pupils for whom parental consent has been received. It also makes it clear that this is not a mandatory requirement. NAHT supported this change when out to consultation but has criticised it being dealt with in isolation from the broader changes to the management of medical needs in schools. The guidance appears to have picked up on this concern.

The new regulations apply all UK schools. The guidance only uses the term 'schools' but our understanding is that it also applies to academies and free schools. We have suggested that this needs to be made explicit in the guidance.

Page Published: 08/09/2014