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Educate Against Hate

Educate Against Hate is a website that gives school leaders, teachers and parents practical advice on protecting children from radicalisation.

It aims to support all individuals with an interest in keeping children safe from the dangers of extremism. Created by the Department for Education and Home Office, it’s fully endorsed by the following organisations: 

It has sections aimed at school leaders, teachers and parents. And the format is that of an extended Q&A structure. 

Members should consult this resource and ensure colleagues with responsibility for Prevent become familiar with it. It can also help parents to develop an understanding of the initiative and, crucially, responsibilities incumbent on schools. Recent well-publicised incidents reported in the media indicate how readily misunderstandings can occur in this sensitive area.

Take a look at our advice on the Prevent campaign to get some context of the government’s wider campaign and discover the measures schools must put in place to meet this duty.

Page Published: 09/03/2016