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Informative guidance for schools - pupil premium (updated June 2014)

This paper outlines the background to the pupil premium, providing national statistical data demonstrating existing attainment gaps, the available funding, schools’ responsibilities and accountabilities, the existing research on the pupil premium to improve school management of planned expenditure, and an alternative programme focused on lower attaining groups. The last section draws out the key points to support schools in meeting the demands placed upon them.


In the 2014 to 2015 financial year, pupil premium funding will be £2.5 billion. The premium will rise to:

  • £1,300 per pupil of primary-school age
  • £935 per pupil of secondary-school age
  • £300 per pupil of primary/secondary- school age
  • £1,900 per pupil for looked-after children who:
    • have been looked after for one day or more
    • are adopted
    • leave care under a special guardianship order or a residence order

Page Published: 03/06/2013