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GI01 Procurement in Schools

Simply put, effective procurement in schools and academies is the planning and appropriate acquisition of goods and /or services that represent value for money, for the benefit of the education and well being of the pupils. 


When the independent watchdog, The AuditCommission, published their report on school procurement ‘Valuable Lessons:  Improving economy and efficiency in schools’ in July 2009, they concluded that ‘Schools could save over £400 million (a year) through better procurement alone.’ Crucially, the report found considerable variation between the amounts that different schools spent on standard items.


In times of financial austerity, it is essential that we look carefully at our procurement process to see how we can effect these savings without adversely affecting children’s education. This leaflet aims to provide guidance to help you practice more effective, well-planned, procurement and ensure the very best value for your school or academy. 



Page Published: 11/10/2011