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Forced academies - DfE broker meetings

This guidance should be read in conjunction with the information contained on the forced academies campaign area on the NAHT website. Supporting PowerPoint presentations are also available. Please contact your regional officer for further details.

DfE brokers have no statutory rights or responsibilities to visit a school and therefore schools are under no obligation to meet with brokers. We would strongly recommend that schools take advice from their local authority and for school leaders to take advice from their professional association before agreeing to any such visit.

This guidance contains suggested questions which schools may wish to ask of their DfE broker. Also included as appendices are some model resolutions issued by governing bodies in connection with the forced academies agenda which may serve as a guide along with a joint parliamentary briefing note on forced academies.

Please note this is a guide only and specialist advice should be taken by head teachers and governing bodies on a case by case basis.

Page Published: 24/02/2014