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Schedule of equality information and objectives

This is a schedule to support School Leaders in developing compliance with the School’s Duty in relation to its Public Sector Equality Duty.


  • State the school’s commitment to equalities and community cohesion

  • Information: include Information about your pupil population and identify main equality challenges

  • Demonstrate the school’s regard for equality – who consulted and worked with and record how equality issues were considered when making decisions

  • Illustrate equality objectives

  • Where necessary include appendix: Employer’s supplement (for schools with over 150 staff).

Specific Duties: Summary of Stages

  • Preparation
    Select a project group – include at least one governor

  • Equality Information
    Gather the information you already hold

  • Engagement
    Summarise how you currently engage with protected groups

  • Equalities Analysis
    Use evidence gathered, offer brief analysis of effectiveness in showing due regard for each of the three needs for each of the protected groups:

    eliminate unlawful discrimination, harrassment and victimisation
    advance equality of opportunity between different groups

    foster good relations between different groups.

  • Equality Objectives
    Use evidence gathered and decide on equality objectives

  • Publish
    Publish your Equalities information gathered and identified objectives


Page Reviewed: 29/10/2014