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LA moderation of writing: KS1 and KS2 moderation “scripts” for 2017

On 31st October 2016 the revised guidance on the 2017 external moderation of teacher assessment in writing at KS1 and KS2 was published.  NAHT received a significant increase in the number of calls from members with concerns about moderation in 2016 and we negotiated hard on behalf of members to achieve key changes.

Mandatory national Local Authority moderator training was introduced in 2017 due to the concerns from members over inconsistent approaches to moderation of writing and the interpretation of "pupil can" statements in the interim teacher assessment framework across LAs. The Standards and Testing Agency (STA) also produced a videoproviding some clarity on the teacher assessment of key stage 2 writing and addressing some misconceptions around moderation. Although focussed on KS2, NAHT have confirmed with STA that some principles about independent writing in the video also apply to KS1.

There are increased references throughout the 2017 guidance to the expectation for "professional discussion" to take place and importance placed on teachers' "professional judgement". It is also made clear that moderation is a collaborative process between the moderator and the school.

However, there may still be some challenging discussions with LA moderators and the "scripts" provide some suggested responses to particular issues or questions which may arise. We hope that the "scripts" will support you to take control of the LA moderation process in your school.

Page Published: 11/05/2017