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KS1 and KS2 assessment moderation requirements 2016

The 2016 moderation season opened on May 23 and continues to the end of June 2016. Several members have contacted our advice team to raise concerns and seek clarification in light of the issues surrounding KS1 and KS2 assessment this academic year.

Our advice remains to make use of the local authority moderation guidance scripts we produced to support members during local authority moderation visits, and to read the appropriate requirements documents for KS1 and KS2 issued by the standards testing agency (see links below). One is written for schools and the other for local authorities.  We recommend reading both documents. The majority of queries raised by members who have contacted us are answered in these documents

We are very keen to hear members’ experience of moderation visits, particularly any practice by moderators that diverges from the processes outlined in the requirements documents. Local authorities are required to have an appeals procedure specifically for moderation and moderators must provide details of this as part of the process.

We also want to know how local authorities are interpreting the phrase “full range of attainment” when selecting a sample to moderate. The key question is whether this includes those “working at foundations for the expected standard” or is confined to those falling within the three attainment ‘bands.'

Please contact sion.humphreys@naht.org.uk to tell us your experiences and concerns.



Page Published: 27/05/2016