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The Bristol Guide 2017/18

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Some of you will know, or already be aware, of The Bristol Guide, an essential handbook for education professionals.

Well, the 2017/18 version has been published, and NAHT is delighted to endorse it. Rarely is such a comprehensive resource available for professionals working with young and vulnerable people in education and other similar settings.

A knowledge of the areas covered by the guide will help to build the capacity of teachers and school leaders and to develop a sense of community among members of the profession, whilst, at the same time, it will help to support and protect those working in the profession.

A strong community of educationalists working to some of the highest standards in public life will have a voice and will, therefore, be able to influence wider political strategies that achieve a fairer education system for our young people and one that educational professionals can be proud to work in and be part of. We believe The Bristol Guide can help to deliver these outcomes and are delighted to give it our full backing and endorsement to our own membership. 

Q1. What is The Bristol Guide?

Produced by the University of Bristol’s School of Education, The Bristol Guide is an invaluable information resource for teaching assistants, student teachers, qualified teachers and school leaders, providing an accessible overview of their statutory responsibilities all in one place.     

Q2. Why would I want the guide?

Compact, comprehensive and credible, The Bristol Guide:   

  • Offers a clear overview of the teaching-relevant statutory frameworks;    
  • Outlines how these frameworks relate to the duties and responsibilities of education professionals;  
  • Provides links to further information;
  • Is very user-friendly;
  • And represents great value for money.

Q3. Can you expand on the day-to-day areas covered by The Bristol Guide?

Of course, the actual areas covered by the guide include the following:

  1. Initial teacher training and induction;
  2. Teachers’ duties, pay and conditions;
  3. The school curriculum and examination system;
  4. Inspections;
  5. Equality and inclusion;
  6. Child protection;
  7. Pupil safety and well-being;
  8. The role and purpose of governing bodies;
  9. Data and statistics;
  10. Summary of statutory guidance and advice for schools;
  11. Useful websites for education professionals.

Further details about The Bristol Guide can be found here

Q4. Where can I get hold of a copy and how much does it cost?

As you’ll appreciate, there is a small charge for the guide, but the charge reduces on a sliding volume-order scale. Details of how to order The Bristol Guide can be found here

Page published: 24/10/2016