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Ofsted note on the use of assessment information in 2014/15

Ofsted has published information about how inspection in 2014/15 and beyond will take account of the removal of national curriculum levels.


The note to inspectors contains details of Ofsted’s expectations on the readiness of schools’ assessment systems for September:

"Inspectors will not expect to see a particular assessment system in place and will recognise that schools are still working towards full implementation of their preferred approach. 

However, inspectors will:

  • spend more time looking at the range of pupils’ work to consider what progress they are making in different areas of the curriculum
  • talk to leaders about schools’ use of formative and summative assessment and how this improves teaching and raises achievement
  • evaluate how well pupils are doing against relevant age-related expectations as set out by the school and the national curriculum (where this applies)
  • consider how schools use assessment information to identify pupils who are falling behind in their learning or who need additional support to reach their full potential, including the most able
  • evaluate the way schools report to parents and carers on pupils’ progress and attainment and assess whether reports help parents to understand how their children are doing in relation to the standards expected.”
The note also contains details on the areas that inspectors will usually consider, in the judgments of: leadership and management; accuracy of assessment; progress; reporting.

Page published: 02/07/2014