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Ofsted handbook changes and focus areas for school inspection 2016

This is a summary of the key Ofsted handbook changes and agreed points of focus for Ofsted inspectors in 2016.

We include key focus areas as outlined by HMCI Sir Michael Wilshaw, and HMI deputy director of schools Joanna Hall.

Discover how:  

  • The handbook for inspection has minimal change, but does reflect the changing accountability framework from govt.
  • The progress and attainment of the more able will be a major focus for inspections this year, especially the attainment and progress of disadvantaged more able. What is being done for MA beyond the curriculum, particularly at secondary?
  • Small changes to handbook include clearer guidance to inspectors about who in the governance structure they should ask to meet especially in large MATs.
  • All schools required to follow DfE legislation in terms of what should be publicised on their websites.
  • Guidance amended to reflect government policy of improvement periods for new heads of RI schools who now have up to 30 months from the point of publication of section 5 report before the schools is next inspected.

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Page published: 28/11/2016