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Coasting schools: progress thresholds

Members will be aware that the government delayed announcing the progress thresholds for determining whether schools meet the ‘coasting’ definition for 2016. This was the case for both primary and secondary schools.

The thresholds were published on 19 October and included in refreshed DfE documents on primary accountability and Progress 8 measures in the case of secondary.

In both documents the relevant sections commence on page 8.

The coasting thresholds for progress for primary schools are:








The coasting threshold for progress for secondary schools is -0.25. This figure also applies to those schools that opted into Progress 8 in 2015.

Members in both phases are reminded that schools must have met the coasting definitions for each of 2014, 2015 and 2016 to be designated as coasting. Primary members should also note that being below the threshold is any one subject will trigger the coasting judgement.

On 12th January 2017, the DfE released updated information on the number and percentage of schools that meet the key stage 2 coasting definition by each local authority area and region, based on the revised 2016 results. The information and accompanying data table can be accessed online here and the key findings are outlined below:

 Key Findings:

  • 477 schools have been identified as meeting the coasting definition in 2016, representing 3% of schools included in the coasting calculation.
  • Of the 665 schools that were below the primary floor standard, 109 also met the coasting definition.
  • The East of England had the highest proportion of coasting schools (6%), while London and the North East had the lowest proportion of coasting schools at 1%.
Page published: 20/10/2016