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AC01 - Working with the Media 1: Handling Bad Press


Part of the role of the head teacher, along with the Chair of Governors, is to be the representative for his or her school and this will require occasional unsolicited dealings with the media. This may manifest itself in a number of ways:


  • managing bad news because of an incident, tragedy or other circumstance directly involving staff members or pupils
  • managing interest about wider educational issues which may have a bearing on your school


Occasionally your school may also attract media interest if NAHT caseworkers are forced to respond to publicity in connection with individuals they are representing or when regional and branch officials conduct campaigns on national or local issues.


This guidance aims to help and advise you when you are contacted by the media in these circumstances.


A separate document 'Working with the Media 2' is also available offering information on how to promote your school and its achievements.


Page Reviewed: 29/10/2014