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How to use this site

This site is optimized for viewing on a 1024 x 768px screen resolution in narrow screen mode, but is designed to adapt to display in most screen resolutions. To change from wide screen and back use the "Change Width" link in the top navigation menu.

Logging in

This site contains a significant amount of information which is for members only. These items are denoted by a padlock icon to the side of the title. All members-only content can be found in summary pages and search results but if you click on links to these items you will be asked to log in.

If you are a member you should always log in first when visiting the site as this will take you to a landing page which is tailored to your role for members in England, location for Wales and Northern Ireland and your sector for PPC members. This way you will see the most recent and important information relevant to you.

Usernames and Passwords

All existing NAHT members have been issued with a new username and password for this site. New NAHT members are issued with a user ID and password when they join. If you are a member and have not received your login details, or you have mislaid them, please contact the webteam@naht.org.uk

Non-members are not currently able to access the members' area.

Finding what you want

From the landing pages under “your role” or “your sector” or “your location” you can browse for information by key topic, or by type within the library, eg for all the latest advice, briefings or policies


To find a specific item, or all advice on a topic, such as Industrial Action, use the search box at the top right of the screen.

To search for a specific phrase you can use inverted commas eg “pay policy”or “industrial action” will look for those two words in that order.

The search results page will show you the titles of items the search has found, and a brief summary of the content, plus the date of that item. If your search results in too many hits you may refine or narrow down the search criteria using the buttons at the end of the displayed results.

Searches can be refined by searching the title and/or summary only. Specific words can be excluded from the search, and searches can be narrowed down by date ranges.

Additionally, an A-Z of topics is displayed at the top of every page. Click a letter to see the latest information for topics beginning with that letter.

Tools for Members

Once logged in members can use a number of tools to help find relevant information quickly, and manage their NAHT membership.

Once logged in click on the My NAHT tab at the top in the blue bar.


In this page you can subscribe to e-newsletters and e-alerts, and set up links to view information by your selected favourite topics. Follow the instructions to the right of the screen in the My NAHT page.

Update details

Also within My NAHT is the Update Details section, which is linked to from the menu on the left. In here you can edit your personal contact information such as address, email and telephone details. This information is sent through to our membership system and updates your record.

Periodically on the site you will be prompted to view your details when you log in so we can ensure your records are always up to date


A discussion forum for the exchange of ideas and views is available to members by following the “your views” tab at the top of the page in the blue bar. Special interest forums will be developed on this site in future.