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School business leaders' pensions (workshop four)

Workshop leader
Mike Beard.

Workshop details 

A member of our specialist advice team will provide you with an overview of the local government pension scheme, and you will be able to ask questions and find out more information about the scheme. You will also be able to consider the flexibilities within the scheme to improve your retirement income.

NAHT is committed not only to supporting you during your professional career but also to helping you consider your choices leading up to retirement. With pension ages rising to 68, this seminar has been designed to help you make informed choices and consider your options throughout your career. 

Workshop outcomes
  • An understanding of the local government pension scheme
  • Advice about where to find more information, including the website
  • Information about options to improve pensions within the scheme.
Target audience

School business leaders.

Leader's biography

Mike Beard has a wealth of experience in advising, consulting and negotiating on pension matters. He is currently a specialist adviser at NAHT with a responsibility relating to pensions, in particular, the Teachers’ and Local Government Schemes. Mike’s role involves providing our members with individual and generic specialist advice on their pension arrangements.