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Securing successful careers: national accreditation and an exemplary role model (workshop four)

Workshop leaders
Paul Chubb MBE and Katie Buckingham.

Workshop details
Delegates will hear about the national Quality in Careers standard, its key assessment criteria and accreditation processes. You will hear of successful examples of when the standard has been implemented and how this has impacted positively on students. Delegates will also have the opportunity to listen to an autistic young person, who will discuss her diagnosis and transition from education to employment as well as what she believes are the advantages of the condition.

Workshop outcomes
All delegates will gain a clear understanding of the benefits of quality assurance through Quality in Careers for your pupils and students, as well as its impact on ensuring schools are 'Ofsted-ready' in respect of their statutory duty for careers guidance.

Target audience
School leaders and careers specialists in secondary schools.

Leaders' biographies
Paul Chubb MBE is the Quality in Careers director for the national standard. He has more than 40 years' experience in CEG - both at local delivery and national strategic levels. As chair of governors of the Dales school in Yorkshire, he has first-hand knowledge of the SEND sector.

Katie Buckingham is an award-winning social entrepreneur and TEDx speaker. In 2013, Katie founded Altruist Enterprises; an experienced provider of resilience, stress management and mental health awareness training to organisations and schools.

Katie has a diagnosis of autism of which she sees as an advantage.