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Making inclusion a reality (workshop seven)

Workshop leader
Sharonne Horlock.

Workshop details
The Children and Families Act 2014 continues the premise in favour of mainstream education as set out in the 1966 Education Act. All schools, therefore, whether special or mainstream, need to present an inclusive and welcoming ethos. While meeting the wishes of parents is also part of the SEND reforms, this workshop will focus on ensuring that families are confident to send their children to their local schools. Is this the reality? Is an inclusive education effective, efficient and fit for purpose?

We will focus on inclusion as collaborative, proactive and enabling. Unpacking the pedagogy and practice of inclusion, why inclusion is essential and how inclusion is attainable in today's classroom will be considered.

The discussion will include the importance of evolving the SENCo's responsibilities as a strategic leader, facilitator and advocate. Understanding individual perspectives of student, families, teachers, teaching assistants and school leaders are essential.

Workshop outcomes
This workshop will explore and present a range of themes, creative examples, practical activities and useful resources that support inclusive practice supporting positive outcomes for students, families and schools. 
Target audience
All those working with children and young people with SEND in all sectors and phases.

Leader's biography

Sharonne Horlock has more than 25 years teaching experience across different phases of education, as a mainstream teacher, with Traveller Education, in a specialist SEMH setting and as a SENCo. Educational interests include inclusion and participation, autism (especially girls with autism) and SEND.