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Human Resources made simple (it’s never easy)

An informative and entertaining workshop for school leaders who are either new to school leadership or who simply want to brush-up on their HR knowledge and understanding of the scope of their individual role and responsibilities in a school setting. The workshop will be made up of three parts:

  • We begin with a quick-fire quiz to break the ice, test delegates’ knowledge and set the tone;
  • We’ll then get behind some of the wider issues raised in the quiz and provide a whistle-stop tour of principal HR practices. These include how to survive them, some practical tips for dealing with cases of capability, sickness absence, conduct, grievances, when staff break the law and when to suspend;
  • We’ll end with a Q&A session so we have an opportunity to answer your questions or deal with anything that has that has arisen during the workshop.

Workshop Outcomes

We trust that the workshop will enable delegates to:

  • Be clear about the scope of their role and responsibilities when HR policies and practices are applied in their school;
  • Grow in confidence in the handling of what are often very challenging circumstances;
  • Take back control from uncertainty and protect themselves if challenged.

Target Audience

School leaders with line management responsibilities.

Workshop Leader Profile

Guy Dudley has worked for NAHT since 2013 as a Specialist Adviser, Senior Specialist Adviser and from January 2018, he took on the role of Director of Advice & Legal Services. Previously, he has led HR teams at the Learning & Skills Council and at three international charities.