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Academies and financial control

22/03/2018 09:00 - 15:30
The Accounting Officer must either be the Senior Executive Leader or Principal in the case of single Academy trust.  The role of Accounting Officer in an Academy trust is pivotal to the medium-term success of the Academy. A number of legal responsibilities are placed upon the Accounting Officer to make sure all checks and balances are in place and financial reporting arrangements robust. This new programme takes delegates through the various responsibilities assigned to Members, Trustees, Accounting Officer and Chief Financial Officer or Business Manager. Practical tips and techniques will be provided to help Accounting Officers exercise their responsibilities and maintain controls. Delegates will leave the training with an awareness that will enable them to examine their own controls and discuss changed arrangements to improvise those on return to the workplace.
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  • Assist senior education leaders in understanding the constitutional status of an academy trust and consequential decision-making powers and responsibilities for head teacher.
  • Consider varying options for the delegation of financial management responsibilities in multi-academy trust.
  • Explore the financial reporting and control.
At the end of the training participants will be able to:

  • understand the constitutional status you work with in your school as a single academy or part of a multi-academy trust;    
  • evaluate your own organisational structure in relation to adequacy of controls;   
  • consider the basic financial checks and balances you have in place with a view to preventing fraud;
  • compare your own financial reporting arrangements with models explored during the day and discuss appropriateness with leadership team and Trustees.

Member - £225

Non-Member - £300

Education leaders who are new to the academies accounting officer role

Education leaders and school business leaders who want to understand more about the responsibilities of Accounting Officers and Chief Financial Officers in Academy trusts

All phases

Academies and community schools who are at an advanced stage in the conversion process

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