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Update from JCQ: consultation on exam timetable 2019

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JCQ members have released the common provisional timetable for GCE and GCSE examinations, June 2019 examination series.  The awarding bodies will be using the common provisional timetable, as collectively agreed by AQA, CCEA, OCR, Pearson and WJEC, to publish their provisional GCE and GCSE examination timetables on-line.

Individual timetables are available on awarding organisation  websites for consultation

On the JCQ website there is a list of the factors taken into consideration when constructing the timetable.

For 2019  a contingency day has been added to the timetable – this might not be used, but there is a possibility that if there is a crisis, that day may be used for an exam. As such schools, colleges and students need to be aware that the timetable could change and students can be expected to sit an exam on any day over the exam period.

If your heads of centre, senior leaders or heads of subject have any comments or observations regarding the proposed timetabling of GCE and GCSE examinations next summer, June 2019 examination series, these should be sent by no later than 30 April 2018 to

Provsisional dates:

  • Wednesday 14 August 2019 – restricted release of GCE results to centres only
  • Thursday 15 August 2019 – release of GCE results to candidates
  • Wednesday 21 August 2019 – restricted release of GCSE results to centres only
  • Thursday 22 August 2019 – release of GCSE results to candidates