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New Ofqual guidance on reforms to GCSEs, AS and A levels

GCSEs, AS and A levels are in the process of being reformed. The first reformed subjects were available for schools to teach from September 2015, and Ofqual have released a number of useful resources and documents summarising the main changes being made. 

A timeline has been produced outlining what changes will be made to GCSE, AS and A level qualifications between 2015 and 2020. The timeline shows:

  • what changes to qualifications will be happening for each year group;
  • changes to GCSE subjects by academic year;
  • and changes to AS and A level subjects by academic year. 

Ofqual have also published the following summary of changes to GCSEs, AS and A levels from 2015, outlining the years in which subjects will be first awarded:

Two overview documents have also been produced, providing details of what the new GCSEs, AS and A levels will look like:

Finally, new guidance has been published outlining details of the new assessment objectives that will be rolled into regulations for new GCSE, AS and A level subjects.