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Developing your school's mental health provision

20/03/2018 09:00 - 15:30

On 9 January 2017, the Prime Minister announced a comprehensive package of measures to transform mental health support in schools, workplaces and the community. With the spotlight being turned on the vital role that schools will be expected to play in supporting children and young people’s mental health and emotional well-being, this course has been updated to ensure participants are aware of the latest developments. This includes mental health first aid training for schools; schools and colleges working more closely with NHS services; the nature of the thematic review being led by CQC and Ofsted; and the likely contents of a green paper on children and young people’s mental health.

This course provides an opportunity for participants to learn more about what is meant by mental health; why it is important to understand what neuroscientists are discovering; and what it tells us about how to help children and young people with mental health needs to engage with learning.

This course will combine informing participants about the importance of mental health issues with practical ways of supporting affected pupils. Some of the sessions will be interactive and participants will be asked to bring their own portable IT devices so they can explore online materials. There will be an opportunity to discuss case studies and to put forward examples of pupils who are particularly challenging and unable to engage with learning.

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This course, developed exclusively for the NAHT, will explore mental health issues affecting children and young people in the current climate by:

  • providing an introduction to decoding mental health
  • explaining how research from neuroscientists gives us an insight into what impacts on children's ability to learn
  • examining the relationship between learning and emotional well-being and the effects of therapeutic approaches
  • using case studies to illustrate an inquiry-based approach to mental health issues
In addition, discussion will include:

  • the move from BESD (behavioural, social and emotional development) to SEMH (social, emotional and mental health difficulties) in the new SEND code of practice (2015) and the implications for schools
  • how to develop resilience to improve the well-being of children and young people
At the end of the course participants will have:    
  • identified the requirements in the 2015 SEND code of practice: 0-25 years in relation to mental health, as well as becoming familiar with recent research and current publications
  • examined a process of inquiry for learning as an aid to emotional well being and curriculum development
  • considered the contribution of neuroscience in relation to understanding mental health needs in children and young people
  • identified routes for professional learning in the areas of neuroscience and mental health needs

Member - £225

Non-Member - £300

School leaders, SENCOs and those with responsibilities for pastoral care and pupils' well-being in all phases and types of school