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Focus Education - Embedding the Principles of Metacognition

16/03/2018 09:00 - 17:00
The main theme running throughout this conference is ‘making the theory work in practice'. We are all fairly familiar with the research undertaken by the EEF, which suggests that the most cost-effective way to raise standards is through the implementation of the principles of metacognition. However, putting this into practice is not as familiar as the theory. This course will attempt to link the theory and the practice and provide practical ideas to help support a school’s metacognition programme. It will look at the issues from Early Years through to Year 6.
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The training will:

•   Emphasise the importance of creating a ‘whole-school’ ethos that embraces the principles of metacognition;

•   Focus highly on developing pupils’ questioning, both in terms of asking questions in class and pupil to pupil questioning;

•   Consider the development of pupils as critical friends, moving beyond peer assessment;

•   Look at what reasoning and thinking means and how to develop reasoning and thinking skills from Early Years to Year 6;

•   Aim to help you support colleagues to understand metacognition and consider how to put into practice in the classroom;

•    Help teachers to coach pupils to plan their learning more effectively;  monitor the learning, identify key steps to keep on track; evaluate  their learning, recognising how they may have tackled the problem  differently, etc;

•    Focus on practical aspects, such as what this may look like in an  English lesson, a maths lesson and in the broader curriculum;

•    Provide you with a monitoring framework which focuses on the learning  and not the teaching as a way to assess the quality of the provision in  classrooms.